About us!

We have lived in Hampshire three years where we moved from the Midlands. We have three kids between us and both work full time, Emma in the NHS and Steve as a project engineer. We’re not athletes, so 12 challenges in 12 months is something well out of our comfort zone! Believe me!!

We decided to do this as I (Emma) am 40 this summer and it seemed like a good time as any to prove to myself I could do it. Also, this time 18 months ago, Steve was 5 stone heavier and struggled to do any other sport than his beloved squash. Running for him was a definite no-no, as he couldn’t even run round the block. As the weight has come off, his fitness has increased and here we are!

Supporting a charity while we were undertaking this seemed like a natural step, at least then we would be raising some money for a good cause while proving to ourselves we could do this. The Murray Parish Trust is an amazing local charity, aiming to raise £2 million with their #2millionsteps appeal, to build a new children’s emergency department at our local hospital in Southampton. It badly needs it, the current children’s ED is outdated, small and was not purpose built. You can also find out more at the Southampton hospital charity website

Thanks for reading and for your support, which is massively appreciated. Remember, to follow our fundraising progress here